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Boudica: Queen of War Film

Boudica (or sometimes Boudica: Queen of War), is a British 2023 action drama film directed and written by Jesse V. Johnson. The film follows the eponymous Celtic warrior of the Iceni people, Boudica, in Roman Britain and how she revolted against the Romans after the death of her husband, Prasutagus. The film stars Olga Kurylenko as the titular character. The film received generally negative reviews.

Boudica: Queen of War Film


Prasutagus and his wife, Boudica are the King and Queen of the Iceni people. The King dies at the hands of Roman soldiers, leaving Boudica’s kingdom without a male heir, and the Romans seize her land and property.


Filming took place in various locations across the United Kingdom. Film crew were spotted filming in St Lawrence’s Church in Ipswich. The roundhouse was filmed in Hadleigh.


October 27, 2023

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