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Bird Box Barcelona is a 2023 post-apocalyptic horror thriller film directed and written by Álex and David Pastor. A spin-off sequel to the 2018 film Bird Box, adapted from Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel of the same name, it was released on Netflix on July 14, 2023 to mixed reviews.

Bird Box Barcelona Film


The world is plagued by mysterious entities that manipulate people’s negative emotions, turning some into “seers” but leading most people to commit suicide once they have seen an entity. A common prevention method is wearing a blindfold outdoors. In Barcelona, Spain, Sebastián and his daughter Anna travel together. One day Sebastián encounters a group of survivors, and claims he knows the location of generators that can provide light and heating. Sebastián joins the others in their shelter inside a bus hangar. The next morning, with everyone asleep inside a bus, Sebastián drives it outside and crashes it. Everyone is left without blindfolds; Sebastián slowly leads each to open their eyes, and upon witnessing the entities they commit suicide. Sebastián is revealed to be a seer, and is thus unaffected. Anna congratulates Sebastián on having “saved” the people, urging him to find the other “lost sheep”.

Nine months earlier, the arrival of the entities prompted people to flee. Sebastián retrieved Anna but lost his wife in a car accident. They found refuge in a church and met Padre Esteban, a pastor who opined that the entities are angels, and that humanity should be liberated from suffering by embracing death. Sebastián and Anna tried to hide but one day a group of seers led by Padre discovered their hiding place and captured them. He forced Anna to open her eyes, killing her. Sebastián then faced the entities, but instead of death he saw the apparition of Anna, which has accompanied him ever since. Anna tells him that he can join his family there when he has “saved” enough people on Earth.

Sebastián encounters another group led by Rafa, who has two dogs. Others in the group include Octavio, a Mexican deliveryman with expertise in physics; Roberto and Isabel, a couple; Claire, an English psychiatrist; and Sofia, a young German girl separated from her mother. Octavio theorizes that the entities are quantum beings that perceive humans’ fear and grief. Sofia shares information about Montjuïc Castle, believed to be a safe refuge which can be reached by a gondola lift. The group embarks on a quest to reach the Castle.

Rafa dies early on after Sebastián sabotages the dog leashes, and the remainder of the group take shelter. Sebastián leads Octavio to his death, but begins to doubt the wisdom of Anna’s apparition. Roberto and Isabel lose their lives too. Claire suspects Sebastián is a seer and shields Sofia from him. Sebastián, who had started to resist Anna’s influence, vows that he will protect Claire and Sofia. Meanwhile, Padre and his followers find the trio. Sebastián helps Claire and Sofia get to the gondola lift, then fights Padre and they kill each other; Sebastián dies smiling. Claire and Sofia enter Montjuïc, converted to a secret camp, where Sofia reunites with her mother. Claire undergoes blood tests by scientists who are trying to develop an antibody that can provide immunity against the entities’ influence.


  • Mario Casas as Sebastián
  • Alejandra Howard as Anna
  • Georgina Campbell as Claire
  • Naila Schuberth as Sofia
  • Diego Calva as Octavio
  • Leonardo Sbaraglia as Padre Esteban
  • Lola Dueñas as Isabel
  • Patrick Criado as Rafa
  • Gonzalo de Castro as Roberto
  • Michelle Jenner
  • Celia Freijeiro



A Spanish spin-off of Bird Box was reported in March 2021 with Nostromo Pictures producing the project. The film is written and directed by Álex Pastor and David Pastor, with Dylan Clark, Núria Valls, Adrián Guerra, Chris Morgan, Ryan Lewis, and Josh Malerman as producers and Brian Williams and Ainsley Davies executive producing.


July 14, 2023

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